Saturday, October 29, 2011

chalo picture dekenge!

Chalo picture dekenge!

It was Diwali and our whole family got together in my sister’s house in Mumbai for a family celebration.
No family celebration of Diwali is complete without “chalo picture dekenge!”

Even before we reached Mumbai my sister had made sure the tickets for the latest Shahrukh extravaganza was booked . Yes, this Diwali had all makings of becoming one of the most memorable Diwalis for all of us.
Lots of mithais, all of us constantly talking and joking, friends coming over for a grand feast and to top it all was the climax-“”.
If there was any dampener to all our spirits it was RaOne.

Absolutely no story, we did not even know if we were playing a boring play station game or watching a movie!
Zero acting, no catchy music –except for Chammak challo. If you want to see Sharukh Khan make a fool of himself as a Tamilian , please watch this movie! It portrays a ‘madrasi’ as the usual ‘ aiyo- aiyo’ saying geeky person with no social skills as is usually seen in Hindi movies.Wake up ! there’s more to madrasis than ‘Aiyo-Aiyo’.

But I do have to confess that we are not the right persons to review the movie because we slept through most of the part.That didn’t stop us from discussing the movie on our way back home. That’s how we realized that each one of us had slept through some part or the other. I slept through the second part and didn’t know how it ended when my sister warned me saying that G-One the hero is revived leaving scope for Ra One-2 open!

I wanted to be soft on my neice who is a hard core Shahrukh fan and said I liked the part where John Abrahams and Akshay Kumar come after interval. She angrily told me that-that was the trailer of the next movie and not part of RaOne.

So let me sum up –
 If you want to take revenge on your boss gift him a RaOne movie ticket.
 If you have insomnia problem the cure is…….yes you guessed it right –go to RaOne and you will be fast asleep within ½ an hour.
 If you want to make sure Sharukh Khan does not lose all his money and all his efforts of promoting the movie in all places-metro, tv shows, his commercials etc- do not go waste, watch it. At least watch it for poor Shahrukh Khan fans like my neice Swathi. She says, “ We just have to invest Rs 300 each and that will not be a great loss. Poor Shahrukh will lose Rs 150 crores if all of us stay away from all the cinema halls screening the movie! Think about him. Good argument!
 If you want to know what the whole movie is about go in a group and decide who will stay awake for which part so together you can weave the whole story together.

After all this do you think we have learnt our lesson-don’t know have to wait till next Diwali to find out.
Two years back when we got together like this in Bangalore we went to see ‘Om Shanthi Om’ and came back disappointed. But now we have decided that On Shanth Om should be given the national award for best movie.

May be we will have to wait for Shah rukh to come out with RA-One 2 . We will probably change our views about Ra-One.

I apologize to Shahrukh fans like Swathi- But we just cannot be expected to watch a BORING movie like this!!!