Wednesday, November 14, 2012

JabTak Hai Jaan - Review

Its Diwali time. And it has been our family tradition for a few years now - its time to see a SRK flop movie.

This time we were hoping that it might be better as it was Yash Chopra 's movie.

All I can say is we didn't break our tradition.

The movie seemed to start alright. The locales as in all Yash Chopra movies were awesome - taken in London and Leh.

But then it didn't take off well at all. Just dragged and dragged. The age difference beteen SRK and the girls looking too stark, age has started showing on the Badshah of Bollywood.

At one point I felt there was absolutely no correlation between the scenes I was watching. I wondered if I was struck by Retrograde amnesia just like Shahrukh Khan but was relieved to realize that I was just coming out of a short nap!

Maybe we expected more of Yash Chopra ....
Maybe afternoon 2pm is not the right time to see a slow romantic movie...
Maybe the company was not good (hope my family does not read this review:))
Maybe we dumb people do not understand terms like Retrograde Amnesia ...

Or may be the movie was just not worth watching.

A R Rahman's music was not very impressive either.Poor guy would have dozed off while preparing the tunes for the scenes !!!

Friends please do not believe the the ratings you see. Yet another example that ratings are all rigged .

Well finally after the movie finished and we came out we all hoped that we would be hit by retrogrde amnesia and forget what happened in the last 3 hours spent inside the cinema hall!!


  1. Ah... Welcome to the 'Blogger' world Ma'am! I'm not much of an SRK fan, so I haven't watched the movie yet; which brings me down to not comment on your write-up on "Jab Tak Hai Jaan". But I'm happy that you are now going to write blog posts on many topics and various issues. For me, I can now become an active-reader of yet another blog! Hoping to read more of your blog posts in near future Ma'am!

  2. Thiyagu enjoyed, as the girls looked pretty. All aspects were very poor...